Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Reinvent your breakfast

Having the same boring cornflakes everyday can tire you out. But with a bit of creativity you can give an interesting spin to your same old breakfast, while retaining its health content. 

Here we share some valuable tips with you.

- Add a small scoop of jam or maple syrup to your bowl of porridge to make it delicious. Even flavoured yogurt makes for a great accompaniment to porridge.

- Go for bagels, muffins, cake or croissant. Bagels particularly taste good with breakfast cereals. Spread some cream cheese or jelly on it and it'll taste even better.

- If you wish to make your breakfast a lavish fare, try out a combination of cereals with crispy pancakes. Pancakes are easy to make. Simply mix wheat flour, honey, one egg, baking powder, milk, salt and oil, and serve it with roasted tomatoes.

- Another way to make your dull breakfast interesting is by making it protein rich. Try out mushroom French egg toast or mushroom egg scramble with your cornflakes. Add to it cherry tomatoes and baked beans and have it with cheese or spinach dip.

- To make your breakfast fibre-rich, put together a sandwich with whole grain cereals and nuts. You can opt for whole wheat or multi-grained bread as it is rich in dietary fibre, and stuff it with spinach, corn, mushroom and mashed potato.

- Such fruits as strawberry, banana, cherry and mango, and nuts go very well with any kind of breakfast. A fistful of nuts and dry fruits taken everyday boosts your energy levels. Take fresh fruit juice with your breakfast cereal, but avoid the canned and bottled ones. 

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