Monday, 15 August 2011

How To Deal with Cholesterol levels

Eat more beans 
You cannot rule out carbohydrates completely from your diet because they are important sources of energy for the body. However, some sources of energy are better than the others. For example, beans and whole grains have more fibre and less sugar. Hence, they play an important role in bringing down the risk of diabetes while simultaneously controlling the body's cholesterol level. White bread, potatoes, etc do just the opposite.

Get moving 
Half an hour of physical activity on a regular basis goes a long way in lowering your cholesterol levels. If you indulge in a vigorous exercise, such as jogging, experts suggest that even 20 minutes thrice a week is enough. A tip for starters is not to carry on for 30 minutes at a stretch. You may break down the exercise to three intervals of 10 minutes each. If you hate exercising, or feel that gyming is too boring, go for a walk.

Eat out wisely 
When you are eating out, it becomes all the more imperative to stay cautious. Restaurants have a habit of supersizing everything. Stay clear of fried food as much as possible. Go for boiled, baked or steamed food. Also, ask for the sauces to be served at the side and not mixed with your food. Most of these sauces are high in sodium and calories.

Don't stress 
Stress directly affects your cholesterol levels and can also lead to high blood pressure. Try and reduce your stress levels with relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. A simple way out to reduce stress levels is to exercise deep breathing.