Saturday, 29 October 2011

Benefits of Carrots

There's something about the carrot. Eat it raw, and it gives you refreshing energy. You can also cook it. Full of Vitamin A, they are easily available. On a winter afternoon, it's blissful to curl up with a book and a piece of carrot cake. And if you love your share of Indian sweets then nothing can beat a plate of gajar ki halwa. You would be surprised to know the number of dishes and desserts that you could make with this vegetable. Saute carrots, cauliflower, spinach in olive oil and enjoy your share of vegetables.
Carrots are considered a goldmine of natural vitamins and nutrients. Among other raw vegetable juices, carrot juice is a sure shot winner. Carrot juice is known for its excellent cleansing effects and, in addition, it was considered a good remedy for constipation and fatigue.
As we all know, no other vegetable contains as much beta-carotene as carrots. In our body, beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A, which assists in improving our eyesight and the functioning of our immune system, strengthening our bones and teeth, preventing possible problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland.
Carrot juice has very good anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and anti-aging properties. Carotene is a known anti-oxidant, which can prevent degenerative processes in the cells and has great anti-aging effects. Also, drinking raw carrot juice can be helpful for lowering the symptoms of stresses and normalizing the function of your digestive system.
You can mix carrot juice with beetroot juice and spinach. Wake up in the morning to this tonic and it will be a joyful health ride for you.

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