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What is Body Mass Index?
What is Body Mass Index?Body mass index (BMI) is a statistical measure of body weight based on a person's weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on a person's height.
What is it used for?
What is it used for?BMI is used to identify weight problems within a population, usually whether individuals are underweight, overweight or obese.  BMI is frequently used to assess how much an individual's body weight departs from what is normal or desirable for a person of his or her height. The excess weight or deficiency may, in part, be accounted for by body fat although other factors such as muscularity also affect BMI.
BMI Classification Chart
BMI Classification Chart
ClassificationAsians  Risk of co-morbidities
Underweight< 18.5Low
Normal range18.5 - 22.9Average
Overweight> 23Increased*
Obese I > 25Moderate**
Obese II > 30Severe***

As per MOS-India Guidelines *, **, *** degree of risk of co-morbidities.

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