Friday, 17 June 2011

Detox Dilemma....Is Detoxing Good

Detox Dilemma: Is Detoxing a Good Idea?
She: "Detox is quite risky and if you follow a healthy diet and an exercise regimen you simply don’t need it. After all there are many studies which suggest that our bodies have inbuilt detoxifiers and it can be potentially harmful." He: "But detox can be healthy for some types, don’t you think? After all it helps you in clearing out toxins from your body and makes you feel better and not to forget it aids in fostering healthy habits." So much speculation, so little evidence. Today we are going to nail all your detox queries. Here we go.

Why you shouldn’t detox: 
Various hyped forms of 'detox' like master cleanse diet, juice diet and fasting methods can leave your body weak and devoid of essential nutrients. They can open you to risk of health conditions such as infection, dehydration or damage to the colon wall. The human body is also designed to fight and expell toxins on its own. This means that our body can automatically remove toxins from our body and discard them through our waste, thus there is no need of any kind of extra help, if you eat a balanced diet, avoid bingeing on junk foods, and exercise to keep your body performing at optimum levels. 

Why you should detox: 
A detox diet, in its most basic avatar, is simply designed to 'flush' out toxins from the body. A typical detox diet is a combination of vegetable-based meals along with green juices. Not only is this diet high in water content but it is also full of fiber which should ideally aid healthy digestion.

Most detox diet believers swear by its effects on energy levels, concentration, decreased bloating and cravings.If they are to be believed, it is also a great way to inculcate healthier habits and stay away from consuming alcohol, coffee and sugar food items. 

Our take on the detox diet:
 If you have had repeated night outs week after week or if you are bored of eating too much junk food and artificial additives, and losing weight is on your mind, then a well-balanced detox diet might do the trick for you. But keep in mind, that by 'well-balanced detox diet' we do not mean the meagre, juice, master cleanse, water etc kind of debilitating detox diets. Here we're talking about a diet that is balanced in terms of all essential food groups, devoid of processed foods that are high in unnecessary sugar and transfats, and is well portioned and distributed through the day. 

In the end - your personal idea on detox diets must be one that is led by experience. If you starve yourself, you won't be able to workout daily. Eat a balanced meal and forget about the rest.

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