Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cycling is not just an Exercise?

The debate on global warming heats up, the agenda is clear: A non-polluted environment and good health. Deny as much as you do, but there's a hidden concern amongst today's generation on where we are heading and in what condition. In our own ways, we are looking for ways to healthy living. Here's a viable option that's also an enjoyable one! 

Remember the old days where we could just ride away with a bicycle to almost any part of the town? If you visit a place like Puducherry (Pondicherry) and Chennai, there are still a good number of people riding bicycles. It's not just fun, but also healthy.  This is not only the best form of exercise, but also eco-friendly. If you are dreaming of a healthy future for the next generation, then perhaps you would consider this. 

Why cycling? Well, this is one of those exercises that doesn't exhaust you but pumps more energy. It also builds your stamina. Besides, don't you think it's the most convenient cost-effective way ofexercising? Visiting gym everyday demands time, energy to reach the place and a lot of money of course! Cycling on the other hand, can be done in the vicinity of your neighbourhood whenever you find time. Also, it's a one-time investment! And you could cycle with friends and also family members of all age groups. Not just that, it tones your entire body as you are utilising most parts of your body.  And for all those who are struggling to lose that stored fat in your body, here's a fun way. The best part about cycling is that it can be seen as a sport rather than a form of exercise. And mind you, cycling is still one of the popular sports in some countries. 

Cycle your way to health: Cycling is a cardio exercise which keeps the heart stronger, tones the body, helps lose weight and increases the supply of blood and oxygen in the body. There are many cardio exercises which may help improve body stamina but cycling is by far the most effective. It is often said that with cycling, the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and blood pressure can be reduced to a great extent. That apart, it's a great stress buster. Make cycling a habit not just for that toned body but also for lifting your spirits. Cycling does rejuvenate you and enhances your mood. Like any other forms of exercise, cycling releases endorphin which has positive effects on our mood. Hence after cycling for a great distance, you feel refreshed instead of feeling tired. Cycling also reduces the risk of fracture during a fall or an accident and helps maintain the strength and coordination. With regular cycling, the strength of the legs improve. 

For a better tomorrow: We all crib about bad weather, nature's fury, but do little about how we can reduce the danger levels. Automobile manufacturers are coming up with eco-friendly cars. But how about an eco-friendly, cost-effective (read fuel-efficient) and portable mode of transport? Yes, the bicycle is perhaps the best way to reduce/cut emission levels. Best thing is you can easily carry it wherever you go! Incorporate this change in your routine and you can definitely contribute to preserving our eco-system. You may love to flaunt your car, but there's no harm in dedicating a day for a better tomorrow. And why not when it can save you from respiratory diseases like asthma? 

How to select a cycle? 
There is no rule of thumb to select the cycle for you. Only remember to choose the one where your feet reach the ground when halted; this reduces the risk of falling off the bike. Prefer a cycle with gear when cycling towards higher grounds, this way you reduce the stress on the thighs and cut the risk of muscle tear. 

Do it the right way 
With the excitement of owning a new cycle, we ride long distances. This tires the entire body. It's better to start off with a 30-minute cycling for the first week and then gradually increase the time. And do wear protective gear like helmet, knee guard and the ankle guard to prevent any damage to your body 

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