Monday, 11 July 2011

Looking fresh as a daisy.....

June is here and with it comes along the task of keeping your makeup fresh all day long. Understand that it is tricky, especially with all the heat and humidity around. 

However, there are several simple tricks that you can use to manage the drippy effects of heat and moisture on your makeup. 
No matter what type of makeup you use, it is going to need several touch ups throughout the day. So, in your handbag, create a touch-up kit to take with you. Pack cosmetics which are handy to carry and also that aren't going to smudge and melt. For example, don't stock up on wax based eyeliners or lipsticks. Instead pack an eye shadow in the same shade as your eyeliner, and pack a fruity lip gloss instead of a lipstick. 
Use oil absorbing pads 
All right, so you have T-zone skin or oily pores. But fret not as another great tool to use are oil absorbing pads. These pads allow you to soak up extra oil that accumulates on your face throughout the day. By removing the extra oil, you will be able to extend the life of your makeup, and keep yourself looking fresher. 
Use oil-free moisturiser with apt SPF 
When the sun is up and shining, your skin tends to generate more oil. Because of this your makeup starts to slide around on your face. You can reduce the slipperiness of your face by switching from a greasy moisturiser to an oil-free lotion with apt SPF. This works as a sunscreen. 
Seal your makeup with a compact 
Shiny patches of skin can look greasy. And while you may look shiny, it's not a great sight honestly. To the rescue is the powder foundation. In fact, just go for a powder foundation instead of a liquid foundation. There are several companies that manufacture powder based foundations, eye shadows, and blushers. Choose any. 
Use a primer 
If you want your eyeliner and eyeshadow to last longer then try using a waxy eyeshadow primer. This will help protect your makeup from absorbing the oil from your skin. This will also allow it to stay where you put it. To remove the primer you will need to use a makeup remover. 
You can also go for long-wearing lipstick 
The lip colour formulas used in these lipsticks keep the wax from melting, which keeps your lip colour on your lips. Long lasting lipsticks are more common now and they come in a wide variety of colours, so no matter what your skin tone is, you should be able to find a colour that you will like. 

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