Friday, 1 July 2011

Tonsils & Adenoids...Useless parts ?

Tonsils & Adenoids – seems they are about as useful as ashtrays on a motorbikes.
It is sometimes argued that tonsils and adenoids could be considered part of our immune system – protecting us from viruses and infections – particularly in children.
However their design is not effective in dealing with the variety of viral infections that people encounter in today’s society.
Tonsils and adenoids are apparently the product of an immune system that was developed in a time when children didn’t have exposure to many other people andtheir germs – These days, all the toxins in our environment and food, the large population and the variety of germs being passed around at daycares, schools etc. is far greater than it would have been back then.
The bottom line is – we can very easily live without them…especially as adults.
In fact many people do.
Tonsils and adenoids sometimes cause more harm than good.  They get infected quite often in children, causing frequent illness.
In these cases, they are surgically removed with no ill-effects.

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