Friday, 1 July 2011

Why ankles swell in Airplanes ?

Have you ever been on an overnight flight? 
After flying through the clouds for 6 or 8 hours you may have noticed your ankles doubled in size.
Some people believe it’s from traveling at high altitudes…
But Here’s The Truth About Swelling…
It’s from sitting still in a cramped space for too long.
It doesn’t only happen up in the sky – it could just as easily happen in a bus or train.
When your legs are ‘dangling’ for a long time, the fluid in your blood vessels eventually follows the path of least resistance – seeping down into the tissues of your lower extremities.  The longer your feet are hanging down, the more fluid will gather.
The cramped seating doesn’t help.  Being tall is only fun until you travel overnight.
It’s rare that these trips are not fully booked, so stretching out over multiple seats is usually not an option.
If possible, stand up and stretch out in the aisle once per hour. This will help get the fluid out of the tissues and back in the blood vessels.
If you’re trapped in a window seat and don’t want to disturb your neighbour, simply moving your feet and toes can go a long way. 

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