Friday, 8 July 2011

Acrylic nails??

Fond of acrylic nails? We tell you why it is not a good idea... 

Chewed nails look ugly and disgraceful. But you can't help the habit of chewing on your nails? 

Acrylic nails could be your only saving grace. The advantage of using acrylic nails could very well be that they don't peel, chip or crack and one can keep our preferred length without having to worry about filing them or waiting for weeks for nails to grow to the desired length. When done properly acrylic nails can look very elegant and although they don't have any major side-effects, one does run some risks by often turning to this quick-fix for chewed, hideous looking nails. 

Ensure that you get your nails done from a certified nail bar. We often use nails as tools to open lids of containers or to pry off something. If you put your nails through such gruelling tasks, the acrylic will rise creating a space between itself and the natural nail. This space is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections. So use your nails with tender, loving care. 

Chemical residues in acrylic nails can trigger allergies, redness, swelling and pain in nails in some people. Using acrylic nails continuously for over two-three weeks can be harsh on your natural nails. Natural nails might peel because a layer of the natural nail is removed when the acrylic nail is removed. This can leave the natural nail brittle as well as form ridges on the surface.

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