Friday, 8 July 2011

'Dracula therapy'

With vampires enjoying unprecedented popularity thanks to series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight, here's something only the 'fan'glers out there might appreciate. 

There's a new, alternate therapy to Botox doing the rounds among anti-aging experts internationally - called the Dracula Therapy, no less - that promises younger looking skin using facial injections formulated from your own blood! 

The Dracula Therapy, introduced in London nearly two years ago by French cosmetic doctor Daniel Sister, has increasingly gained popularity in the West for knocking off the years in a natural way. Also called S3 or Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy, it heals scars and makes dry, wrinkled and lacklustre skin look and feel younger without the use of synthetic fillers or painful lasers or peels. 

This is how the therapy works: The doctor draws four vials of your blood, and separates it into red blood cells, the clear serum and the platelets. Then vitamins and amino acids are added and the serum is injected into your face. Supposedly, the injections can heal scars and renew skin through DNA repair. The idea has been inspired by a similar treatment conducted for decades by dentists using a patient's serum to regenerate receding gums. "I thought, if serum therapy was good enough for bones and soft tissue like gums, then it could do even better in the skin," said Dr Sister to an international publication. 

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